1. July 2024

    1. Mon 01

      PHNC Committee Meeting
      Location: Kakowan Centre, James Drysdale Reserve

      7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
    2. Sat 13

      Winter Season - Round 10 and Indigenous Round

      8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    3. Sat 20

      Winter Season - Round 11

      8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    4. Sun 21

      DPNA Club Carnival

      8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    5. Sat 27

      Winter Season - Round 12 and Umpire Appreciation Day

      8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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Coaching Information

We value our coaches and the role they play in contributing to our Club. We encourage our coaches to have a player-centred approach to coaching. If you are interested in contributing to our players and club through coaching or assisting our coaches, please contact our Coaching Convenor, Meg Simmons at coach@pinehillsnetball.club

Court Training timetable: 2024 Court Training Timetable

The Knee Program

Knees and ankles are the most commonly injured body parts of netballers and most of these injuries occur when landing.

Injury to one of the major stabilisers of the knee, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), is a common problem, annually representing approximately 25% of serious injuries (Netball Australia National Insurance Data).

Netball Australia’s KNEE Programis designed to prevent these injuries occurring.

Whether you are a coach to your child’s netball team, high performance coach, support staff or parent, this program is designed to keep your players on the court for longer and moving more efficiently when there.

Coaches, please use the Netball Australia resources to assist you to incorporate injury prevention activities into your training and warmup sessions.

Coaching Accreditation

All coaches and assistant coaches at Pine Hills Netball Club are required to hold a Foundation Coach Accreditation.

Information about the Foundation Coach Accreditation online course can be found on the Netball Queensland website including details on how to enrol. 

The online Foundation Coach Accreditation Course is targeted primarily at beginner coaches, teachers, parents and  NetSetGo coaches and outlines introductory coaching information and basic netball techniques. The course is the first step in the National Coaching Accreditation Framework and is an important step in the knowledge pathway for a coach.

The only other requirement for coaching is to hold a Blue Card. To find out more about how to obtain a Blue Card, please visit the Blue Card website.

Coaching Tips

We value our coaches and the role they play in contributing to our Club.  We encourage our coaches to have a player-centered approach to coaching.

Player-centered coaching encourages a learning environment which allows players to make decisions, develop leadership ability, execute skills and translate this to matches and be responsible for their own learning and development.

Coaches are encouraged to facilitate or guide the learning and development of players by placing the responsibility for learning towards our players.

We understand different groups of players and individuals have different needs.

Player enjoyment, development and performances increase when coaches tell less and ask more.

Here are ten ways to motivate your players:

  1. Make it fun
  2. Recognise achievement
  3. Set goals
  4. Self-motivation
  5. Provide leadership opportunities
  6. Develop a safe learning environment
  7. Provide challenges
  8. Vary your practice programs
  9. Be organised
  10. Be consistent

Be a better coach

The free online Community Coaching General Principles course is designed to help coaches improve their skills, particularly those working with children.

About the course

The course is made up of four interactive modules that include:

  • roles and responsibilities of a coach
  • what makes an effective coach
  • how to plan a fun, safe and engaging session
  • effective communication skills
  • working with parents.

Becoming an accredited coach

The online course can provide the first step towards accreditation. Contact your national or state sporting organisation for more information on the sport-specific requirements to achieve accreditation as a coach.

How to access the course

The course is available via  https://learning.netball.com.au/login/index.php

Who can complete the course?

Coaches of all ages and levels, whether they are coaching their children or peers, are encouraged to complete the course. Basic computer skills will help, but no other qualifications or experience is required.

How long will it take to complete?

The course can take up to four hours to complete, but it doesn’t need to be done in one sitting. Progress is saved and can be accessed at any time; once complete, coaches can log in and refer to the tools at any time.

How to register for the course?

Registration information can be found at learning.ausport.gov.au

On completion, do coaches receive anything?

On successful completion, coaches can print a certificate. The course also provides a link to an accreditation in some sports; to find out more about accreditation contact the state or national sporting organisation.

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