Club Policies

This page is to list all of Pine Hills Netball Club's policies.

Codes of behaviour

Please read the following relevant Codes of behaviour that are provided by Downey Park Netball Association for all members respective to the role that they hold within our club (PHNC) and association(DPNA):

Codes of Behaviour - General

Codes of Behaviour - Administrator

Codes of Behaviour - Coach

Codes of Behaviour - Junior Player

Codes of Behaviour - Senior Player

Codes of Behaviour - Umpire

Codes of Behaviour - Parent / Guardian

Fees and Refunds

Player Fees:

Fees that are payable for the winter season consist of amounts payable to Netball Queensland (NQ), Downey Park Netball Association (DPNA) and Pine Hills Netball Club (PHNC).  


PHNC will consider each individual request for a refund on the merits/reason for the request e.g. injury, clash of game times with other commitments.

The following specific conditions apply to refunds:

  • NetSetGo registrations include a participant pack provided by NQ and delivered directly to your address. The fee for this pack ($25.30) is non-refundable.
  • Player de-registration requests made after the DPNA registration due date will forfeit the DPNA and NQ components of the fees ($155.00 for competitive divisions, $145.30 for NetSetGo)

Grading Policy and Grading Policy Guidelines 2021

Our Grading policy is located here.

Further detail is located here in our Grading policy guidelines.hosted/org/6/docs/e4e6cd3b/GRADING%20POLICY%20GUIDELINES%202021.docx

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