Managers' Information

Managing a Pine Hills netball team is a rewarding experience. It's a great way to be involved with the team and help ensure your season runs smoothly. From organising the scoring and fruit roster to entering your team into carnivals, the Manager is an important and valued part of the team!

Information on your role as a Pine Hills Manager can be found below along with the expectations that Downey Park have of Managers.

We hope you enjoy your season as Manager and if you have any questions, please contact our Vice President, Lisa McDonald,

DPNA Fixtures Book

The DPNA Fixtures Book is for all members and contains all of the information relating to DPNA Fixtures. Managers and Coaches are encouraged to read through this document as it will contain the answer to a lot of questions that arise.


DPNA Court Map

Below is a map of the courts at DPNA:

DPNA  Court  Plan



It is important to work in conjunction with your coach to help the season run smoothly by ensuring that any communication is forwarded to all team members and parents. We recommend most communication be done on your team page located on the website. Your team page is only accessible by your team and has a “Team Messages” section for relevant communication. Your team players and parents contact details are also available on this page.

If any concerns among the team arise, the Manager should be the point of contact and if necessary, bring the issue to the attention of a committee member.

Attend club meetings (schedule on website calendar).

We encourage attendance at committee meetings to improve the communication between the committee, managers and teams.


Start of season

Organise a scoring and fruit roster at the beginning of the season. If you are asking parents to take a turn at washing bibs this can also be done on the same roster.

Please note our bibs and patches are expensive to replace so it would be very much appreciated if they could be washed with care…..thank you!

If you would like your team's roster placed on your team page, please edit your team page and insert a section with a table (5 columns x 20 rows is probably about right), contact the club secretary if you have any queries.

Keep a record of any player in your team that has filled in for another team. Players are allowed to play in a higher division 3 times. From and including the fourth week of fixtures players must remain in the team in which they played on that occasion. 

This rule does not preclude a player from playing in a higher grade prior to week four of the competition.



Please ensure all training equipment has been placed neatly in the equipment shed when training is finished. 

No younger players in the shed please. 

If your team is the last to finish training, please ensure the toilet block is locked, shed door locked & the lights turned off. Please ensure the front gate is also locked. 





Game Days

Downey Park has released the following information as a guideline for team managers:

  • Ensure the team is CORRECTLY ATTIRED –  no jewellery including earrings.
  • Control the BEHAVIOUR of your players & spectators as per DPNA Codes of Behaviour Policies.



All players must sign the TEAM REGISTRATION CARD & SCORE CARD

First initial and last name in running writing. The signature must be legible.

DO NOT make corrections to the registration card. Make any corrections on the attached sheet and return the registration card and change sheet to the control desk.




  • Non-competitive players aged 7, 8 & 9 may NOT PLAY in competitive teams.
  • Players aged 10 may play in a higher division twice only.
  • After the first 3 weeks, no player may play in a lower grade than the one in which they are registered.
  • After the first 3 weeks, players registered in a division may NOT PLAY ACROSS in another team in the same division.
  • No Age player may play in a team below their correct age group.
  • All players who take the court must sign the score card – including any “playing up” from another team. Where a player is playing up from another team, their division must be included on the card.
  • Write DNP (Did not play) against any player registered who doesn't play.
  • For non-competitive teams all players need to be rotated at least once per game and must experience all positions during the course of the season. Player positions each quarter must be filled in on the card. DPNA will send you a reminder letter if they feel that the rotation of players is not adequate.
  • For competitive teams the scorer and the team captain also need to sign the score card at the end of the game.
  • Penalties apply for not adhering to the rules above.
  • For competitive teams the winning team returns the scorecard at the end of the game.
  • For non-competitive teams the second named team returns the scorecard.
  • Please ensure the post pads are returned to the store if you are the last game scheduled on that court. The second named team returns the post pads to the store in this case.

Scoring & Registration Cards

Registration Cards

Competitive Teams: (11years to Opens)
  • Registration cards can be found in plastic sleeves labelled with the team’s relevant game time, within the black clipboard on each court. The plastic sleeves with the scorecard and registration cards can only be collected at game breaks.
  • No person other than a player should sign the registration card in the place of that player. Penalty: loss of game points by the offending team. If a player is absent or does not take the court, the manager/scorer must write “DNP” (Did Not Play) in the appropriate column. An example Registration Card is included below.
  • At the end of the game, the two teams’ registration cards and the scorecard should be placed in the plastic sleeve and be returned to the control desk (for Courts 1-9) or the box beside the First Aid tent on the Jackie O’Meara courts (for Courts 10-37) by the winning team.

Example Competitive Registration Card: Competitive Registration Card

Non-Competitive Teams (7-10year olds)
  • Team managers are responsible for ensuring the registration card is completed correctly on the first game of the season. All players must sign the registration card.
  • Any players playing their first game after the first week must report to the control desk to sign the registration card before they take the court. 

Example Non-Competitive Registration Card: Non-Competitive Registration Card

Score Cards
Competitive Teams (11 years to Opens)
  • Scorers should use a biro only on the score sheet, preferably in blue or black – NO felt pens, gel pens or pencils. Players are not required to sign the score sheet. The person signing in the manager’s spot is responsible for the scorecard and registration card for that fixture week, confirming that both score sheet and registration cards are correct. An example Scorecard will be available on the DPNA website prior to fixtures commencing.
  • The winning team’s manager is to collect the game score sheet and both teams’ registration cards, place them back into the plastic sleeve provided and return them to the relevant black crate (at the control desk for Courts 1-9 or beside the First Aid tent on the Jackie O’Meara courts for Courts 10-37).
  • The black clipboard is to be left in the centre circle of the court, unless the game was the last scheduled match for that court for the day. If so, the winning team must return the clipboard, scorecards and registration card to the DPNA Control Desk. The second named team on the score sheet is to bring in the post pads.
  • Any errors noticed in the uploading of scores to the DPNA website should be raised with DPNA via email.

Example Competitive Score Card: Competitive Scorecard Example

Non-Competitive Teams (7-10 year olds)
  • Scorers should use a biro only on the score sheet, preferably in blue or black – NO felt pens, gel pens or pencils to be used.
  • Players are not required to sign the score sheet. All players must sign the registration card at their first game. The registration card will be kept at the Control Desk.
  • The game time should be evenly distributed among all players. Each player should experience all positions over the course of the season. Playing positions will be collated by DPNA over the season and teams not adhering to the positional rotation policy will be notified. Teams with 7 to 9 players should have each player play each position 6 – 8 times over the season. Teams with 10 to 12 players should have each player play each position 4 – 6 times over the season.
  • The first named team’s manager is to collect the game score sheet, place it back into the plastic sleeve provided and return it to the relevant black crate (at the control desk for Courts 1-9 or beside the First Aid tent on the Jackie O’Meara courts for Courts 10-37).
  • The black clipboard should remain at the appropriate court until the last round being played on that court that day. The first team on the scorecard is responsible for returning the black clipboard and score sheets to DPNA Control Desk. The second named team is responsible for bringing in the post pads.

Example Non-Competitive Score Card: Non-Competitive Scorecard Example

Wet Weather and Hot Days

PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE DOWNEY PARK PHONE NUMBER FOR WET WEATHER INFORMATION.  After 8:00am log onto the Downey Park website for an updated message.  An update will also be issued on the Downey Park Facebook page.  Pine Hills will endeavour to update their website and Facebook page as well. 

On extremely hot days, DPNA may shorten the length of quarters and give extra drinks breaks.  Avoid heat stress and poor performance by adequate fluid replacement during your netball game.



During Training

  • There is a First Aid kit located in the equipment shed for any injuries sustained at training. When items are used from the kit, the Equipment Convenor is to be notified to organize replacements. 
  • The Pine Hills website has an “Injury Report” tab located on the Home page that must be completed if an injury occurs. Please also notify the President of any injuries.

During a Game

  • If a player is injured any player on court may call time but if time is called the injured player MUST leave the court and the team has 30 seconds to replace this player (conditions apply as per blood policy below) 
  • The coach is not allowed on court during this time. The players are not allowed to leave the court unless they are the player coming off due to injury.
  • A small medical kit is included in the Manager’s kit for all to use.
The Manager must register any player’s injuries as soon as possible in the INJURY BOOK at the DPNA first aid tent for insurance purposes. All players are covered by insurance as part of their registration fee. The insurance covers players during games at Downey Park and while training. When the injury occurs while playing at Downey Park, players must have details of their injury recorded immediately in the injury register. Always go to the first aid tent to register your injury, even if you think it is minor. There have been many times when after getting home, the injury "gets worse" 

DPNA Blood Policy

  • The umpires hold time for blood when noticed or for injury/illness when requested by an on-court player (in extreme circumstances the umpires may hold time without a request being made). Refer to the DPNA website for further information on the DPNA Blood Policy. 



Early Forfeit

If your team is expected to be unable to field the minimum 5 players for a game then you must email the PHNC Secretary (details on "Contact Us" page) by 9:00am on the Friday before the match, at the latest. Failure to do this may result in a fine issued by DPNA which will be collected from the team. A team notified by DPNA that its opponent has given notice of its intention to forfeit shall receive a win by forfeit without any members of the team having to sign the match scorecard. In the event both teams give notice in writing of an intention to forfeit a match, neither team shall receive any points for the match.

Late Forfeit

A forfeit may otherwise be claimed if the opposition cannot fill the minimum team of 5 players within 5 minutes of the starting signal being given, providing at least 5 members of the team claiming the forfeit have signed the score sheet and returned it to the DPNA control point. A club or eligible players are liable to a fine ($55@ 2016) in the event of a late forfeit which will be collected from the team.

DPNA Management Committee retains the discretion to waive the penalty if in the opinion of the committee the circumstances justify such a penalty being waived.


Most Valuable Player Award (MVP)

 Cadets, Intermediates and Opens players are eligible for Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the season. 

·    Managers need to keep a record of points that have been allocated for players each week including both training and fixture games. Submission of final points to the Secretary at the end of the season.  

·    The Manager needs to maintain impartiality by remaining unaware of who each team member has voted for.  

·     Therefore, no player’s name is printed on the voting sheet.  A trophy is awarded to the successful player at the end of season function.


MVP points are awarded as follows:


·        3 points to be allocated each week to the player that is most deserving that will be decided by the Scorer.

·        2 points to be allocated to a fellow team member who is most deserving that will be decided from each player of that team – players should not pick themselves.

·        1 point to be allocated to a fellow team member who is most deserving that will be decided from each player of that team – players should not pick themselves.

A template of the MVP Score Card to use at fixture games can be found here. The Manager will collate the points at the end of the season. 
If you have any questions, please contact our Vice President.

Other Information

The DPNA website has Manager information for you to familiarize yourself with regarding their expectations.

A copy of the Club Handbook is in your team’s kit bag that has more information on Pine Hills Netball Club.

Need more  information? Contact Amy List, Vice President, for any questions you may have.