The introduction of our new playing uniform in 2017 was a huge success. We received positive feedback from players, supporters and other clubs saying how great the new dress and colours were. Feedback from the girls included comments that they really enjoyed playing in their new uniforms - they are comfortable and look great.

What makes up the compulsory player uniform?

All players will be required to wear the player dress and club socks.

Additional non-compulsory player uniform components

Players may also choose to wear a stunning Player Polo, to and from the games, and visor that match the pattern on the dress.  Not only do these look very smart when worn over the dress, they assist with sun safety of the player. We have introduced player shorts (bummers) in club colours for the girls to wear under their uniforms - these provide modesty for all players and look great when paired with the Player Polo for a training outfit. We also have caps for supporters. We have zippered and pullover black hoodies (you can even get your name on the back) and Sports bags (you can get your name on this as well).

How much will this cost?

Compulsory Items

Player dress cost $55.00 each

Player socks cost $10.00 each

Optional Items

Player polos cost $45.00 each

Player visors cost $12.00 each

Player bike shorts (bummers) cost $30 each

Supporter polos cost $45.00 each

Supporter caps cost $15.00 each

Black pullover or zippered hoodies cost $40 each. You can have your name on the back for $1.50/letter (more information in Online Shop)

Sports Bag cost $40 each. You can have your name on the top flap for $1.50/letter. (more information in Online Shop)

How will we purchase the uniform?

Uniforms are available to purchase via the PHNC Online Shop.

Who is supplying the uniform?

Gorilla Sports are organising the manufacture and supply of all PHNC uniforms.  Gorilla Sports are a local (Geebung) supplier who are currently supplying balls to the club as well as supplying uniforms and equipment to several other netball, soccer and hockey clubs.

Payment Methods

Payments via the website are via credit card.

All receipts for payment will be emailed to the email address provided so please ensure you provide the correct email address.

If you need to make an alternative payment arrangement you will need to contact the Uniform Convenor Chenoa Mylan by email at uniforms@pinehillsnetball.club.

How to collect your new uniform

Uniforms can be ordered now and collected at the Pine Hills Netball Club Registration Day on the 2nd of February 2019 unless otherwise notified via email. If you order on Registration day, subject to stock levels, you will be able to take your uniform home. 

If you are not available to collect your uniform at the PHNC Registration Day please advise the Uniform Convenor via email at uniforms@pinehillsnetball.club to make alternative arrangements.

Who can we contact if we have questions?

In the first instance, please contact our Uniform Convenor Chenoa via email at uniforms@pinehillsnetball.club

Second Hand Uniforms

Second hand uniforms (the current 2017 style only) can be purchased and sold privately using the following facebook page


Dress Size Chart

Dress Sizing Chart for the Club dress are as follows.  Please note that these are the general sizes of each uniform. If your daughter requires alterations to the length of the uniform, please contact either Chenoa at uniforms@pinehillsnetball.club.

Child Size 6

Bust: 29cm

Waist: 31cm

Length: 58cm

Child Size 8

Bust: 31cm

Waist: 33cm

Length: 62cm

Child Size 10

Bust: 33cm

Waist: 36cm

Length: 68cm

Child Size 12

Bust: 36cm

Waist: 41cm

Length: 73cm

Chld Size 14

Bust: 37cm

Waist: 44cm

Length: 79cm

Ladies Size 8

Bust: 38cm

Waist: 47cm

Length: 80cm

Ladies Size 10

Bust: 40cm

Waist: 48cm

Length: 82cm

Ladies Size 12

Bust: 44cm

Waist: 50cm

Length: 83cm

Ladies Size 14

Bust: 47cm

Waist: 53cm

Length: 84cm

Ladies Size 16

Bust: 48cm

Waist: 54cm

Length: 84cm

Ladies Size 18

Bust: 52cm

Waist: 58cm

Length: 85cm

Ladies Size 20

Bust: 56cm

Waist: 61cm

Length: 85cm


Hoodies and Sports Bags

Due to popular demand, we have introduced a black pullover or zippered hoodie.  The garment is suitable to keep the chills out when down at Downey Park or training nights.

We have adult and children sizes available - Check out the Uniform Shop for sizes.

A colourful sports bag has also been introduced for players or supporters. Check out the uniform shop page for more information.

All items will be available for purchase for $40.

NOTE - there is an option to have your name / nickname / initials / coach / etc Thermofilm Heat Sealed onto the products for $1.50 per letter - make sure you indicate letters when ordering.

Please confirm by emailing  uniforms@pinehillsnetball.club and advising which garment the name is to be heat-sealed onto.

If you have any questions, please email Chenoa at uniforms@pinehillsnetball.club.